Jindal Residence


Jindal Residence

Value: £10m

Client: Jindal Family

Construction: 2009

Jindal Residence is for a compound belonging to one of the leading Ministers in the Indian Parliament. He and his wife wanted a residence in which they could receive and entertain political guests. There are offices and a meeting room for constituents to meet ministers at the front of the site and a private office at the side entrance of the house off which semi- public reception rooms are access. A family home for an extended family of three generations is provided for to deeper within the house. An indoor/outdoor pool and leisure area is planned to the rear of the house, which would be accessible to cousins who live in the neighbourhood.
The entire house has been designed according to Vastu principles, which relate to points of the compass for various uses. There is accommodation for 45 staff and stables for 4 polo ponies, which can be exercised behind the family area. The large existing trees have been retained as much as possible and the whole compound is organised to take advantage of rainwater collected in a large underground cistern during the monsoon season. The swimming pools, reflecting pools, horse exercise area and gardens were all carefully integrated with the interior accommodation so that the outdoor spaces could work as climate controlled useable extensions of indoor space.

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